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N.E.M.A (motor related)  N.E.M.A. are the initials of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. The “NEMA” rating refers to the physical dimensions, electrical characteristics, and/or class of insulation used in building a motor. The practice of building motors to NEMA specifications insures the purchaser of getting what they paid for and meet the specifications they need regardless of the manufacturer producing it.

NEUTRALIZER (chemical related) A chemical used to make chlorine or bromine harmless. Used in test kits to counteract the bleaching effect of the chlorine or bromine in order to increase the accuracy of pool water tests. Sold as chlorine and bromine neutralizer, it is used to destroy excessive amounts of chlorine or bromine, so the high levels will not affect swimmers.

NITROGEN (chemical related) A gas that causes algae to bloom and disables chlorine. It is brought into the water each time it rains. Maintaining proper chlorine levels will prevent nitrogen from becoming a problem. Super chlorination will remove nitrogen and its related compounds.

NON-CHLORINE SHOCK (chemical related) A term given to a class of chemical compounds that are used to oxidize or shock the water (destroy ammonia, nitrogen and swimmer waste). They contain no chlorine or bromine and do not kill living organisms. Swimmers may re-enter the water in only 15 minutes after adding a non-chlorine shock.

NORYL The brand name for a thermoplastic resin used in the manufacture of certain pump components and various other pool equipment fittings.

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