Pool / Spa Industry Terminology


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EFFLUENT The water that flows out of a pump, filter or heater, usually on its way back to the pool or spa.

ELBOW A plumbing fitting shaped at a 90 degree or a 45 degree angle usually made of metal, PVC or some other plastic.

ELECTROLYSIS (chemical related) An electrochemical reaction causing a black stain normally found around metal fixtures or on the plaster. It is caused by two dissimilar metals being plumbed together or from an improper electrical grounding of pool equipment or lights. Electrolysis also means the decomposition of water and other inorganic compounds in aqueous solution by means of electricity. Chlorine generators use this principle to produce chlorine from salt in the water.

END-POINT REACTION (chemical related) The resulting color change in a test sample created when you add drops of a given reagent. The number of drops correlates with a measurement. (also see Titration test)

EPA Abbreviation for the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

ESCUTCHEON PLATE An ornamental shield, flange or border used around a pie, plumbing fitting, grab rail or light.

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