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LADDER A structure for climbing up or down; consists of two parallel sides joined by a series of crosspieces that serve as footrests. It is used for getting in and out of the pool. A double-access ladder straddles the pool wall of an above-ground pool. An in-pool ladder is located in the pool only.

LEAF BAGGER A device that attaches to a telepole and a garden hose. Pressure from the garden hose creates a suction by which leaves and large debris are sucked into a large mesh bag.

LIGHT NICHE The area in a pool or spa that house the underwater light.

LINER Also called vinyl line - The vinyl membrane that acts as the container to hold or contain the water.

LIQUID ACID (chemical related) (31.45% hydrochloric acid) - also called muriatic acid - It is used for lowering pH, total alkalinity and for various cleaning needs. It is also used for acid washing.

LIQUID CHLORINE (chemical related) A sodium hypochlorite solution. Usually provides 10 to 12% available chlorine; has a pH of 13 and requires that small amounts of acid be added to the pool to neutralize the high pH. Good for regular chlorination and super chlorination.

LITHIUM HYPOCHLORITE (chemical related) A dry, granular chlorinating compound with an available chlorine content of 35%. It is rapid-dissolving and can be used to super chlorinate vinyl-liner pools, painted pools or fiberglass pools as well as spas and hot tubs.

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