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GELCOAT A colored, polyester-resin material applied to the surface of a molded part. The gelcoat hardens to a smooth, durable form and becomes an integral part of the laminate. Fiberglass pools and spas have gelcoat finishes.

GPD An abbreviation for gallons per day.

GPH An abbreviation for gallons per hour.

GPM An abbreviation for gallons per minute.

GRAB RAIL Also called hand rail - A tubular steel or plastic device that can be gripped by swimmers or bathers for the purpose of steadying themselves. Usually located near the steps in the pool.

GREEN HAIR (chemical related) A condition caused by too much copper in the pool water. Green hair is not caused by chlorine. The copper may get into the water by the bad practice of placing trichlor tabs in the skimmer. This acidic product will cause low-pH water, which in turn will dissolve metals in the equipment. The dissolved metal (usually copper) then stains hair, fingernails and, eventually, pool walls. It can also be caused by keeping the pH too low or misusing acid.

GROUND-FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER Also called a GFI - A device intended to protect people. It interrupts (de-energizes) the electrical circuit whenever it detects the presence of excess electrical current going to ground (usually 1/40th of a second and 5/1000th of an ampere).

GUNITE A mixture of cement and sand sprayed onto contoured and supported surfaces to build a pool. Gunite is mixed and pumped to the site dry, and water is added at the point of application. Plaster is usually applied over the gunite.

GUTTER An overflow trough at the edge of the pool through which floating debris, oil and other "lighter-than-water" things flow. Pools with gutters usually do not have skimmers.

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