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IMPELLER The rotating member of a pump. The part of the pump that moves the water.

INFLUENT The water entering the pump, the filter or other equipment of space. Water going into the pump is called influent, while water leaving the pump is called the effluent.

INFLUENT LINE The plumbing line that leads from the pool or spa to the equipment. Also known as the suction line.

INLET A fitting in the pool or spa on the water return line from the equipment that water returns to the pool. Usually the last thing on the return line.

IONIZER (chemical related) A water-sanitation device that uses electricity to generate metal ions, which are dispersed in the water. It works by passing a low-voltage DC current through a set of metallic (usually copper and silver) electrodes placed in line with the circulation equipment. The copper is an algaecide, while the silver is a bactericide. Does not remove swimmer waste. Ionizers may be used as part of a water treatment program along with chlorine or bromine.  

IRON (chemical related) Iron in water causes the water to be brown- or green-colored. Can be controlled by the addition of a sequestering agent or a chelat- ing agent. Water can be tested with an iron test kit.

ISOCYANURATES (chemical related) Also called stabilized chlorine - A family of chlorine pool sanitizers that contain conditioner (cyanuric acid or isocyanuris acid) to protect the chlorine from the de- grading UV rays in sunlight. The most common types are sodium dichlor and trichlor. The granular form is dichlor, which is fast- dissolving and can be used for regular chlorination or super chlorination by broad- casing into the pool or spa. Tablet or stick form is trichlot (which is usually used in a chlorine feeder - either the floating type or the in-line erosion type) used for regular chlorination only.

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