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 Compool LX80 & LX820 Commercial Control with Emergency Shut Down - Pentair

LX80/2 Commercial Pool & Spa Controller
LX820/2 Commercial Spa Controller
( Includes Emergency Shut Down )


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H2O# 3030605
LX802 Brochure

H2O# 3030609

LX8202 Brochure
Install Manual

   Commercial pool/spa control system is designed for a commercial pool and spa application. It provides a remote switch for the spa jets and is suitable for outdoor locations. The LX80 also provides an electronic countdown timer (15/30 minutes) and an Emergency Shut-off Switch (disables all pumps) that is required on commercial spa installations. The control is equipped with an audio alarm. The power center at the equipment site features mechanical time clocks for the pool and spa filter pumps. The system includes 3 power relays for pool and spa filter pumps and spa jet pump, an electronic heater cool-down cycle, and equipment service switches.

   Commercial spa emergency shut-off system is designed for retrofitting commercial spas where an emergency shut-off switch is required. The shut off system includes an emergency shut-off switch, and audible alarm and a power center at the equipment site. The power center provides equipment status lights and 2 power relays for spa filter pump and jet booster pump.

H2O # Manf. # Description
3030605 LX802

Pool/Spa control for 2 filter pumps plus 2 jet pumps

3030609 LX8202

Spa emergency shut off switch, controls spa filter pump and 2 jet pumps
( spring wound timer can be added to control spa - timer sold separately )


Specifications of Controllers
H2O # Manf. # Circuit Relays
Light Dim.
Volts Amp.
Valve Act.
3030605 LX802 4 3 / 8 No 115 / 230 20 0 / 0 None
3030609 LX8202 3 2 / 3 No 115 / 230 20 0 / 0 None



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