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Topside Control Error Codes Quick Reference -Various Manuf
Error codes are for quick reference only, please contact manufactures for additional information.
This list if far from complete and covers older model controls.



Brett Aqualine 'BL' series

'OH' = Temp exceeds 118 degrees
'Fr' = Freeze condition - temp below 40 degrees
'FL' = Pressure switch failure
'E0' = Shorted temp sensor
'E1' = Open temp sensor
'E2' = Shorted hi-limit sensor
'E3' = Open hi-limit sensor
'E4' = Shorted flow switch
'E7' = Improper electrical connection

 - flashing panel on BL45 series = possible bad relay board


Compool - Pentair

'Err 1' = water temp sensor failure or fault
'Err 2' = solar temp sensor failure or fault
'Err 3' = freeze temp sensor failure or fault
'Err 4' = control panel and power center not communicating
'Err 5' = short at the spa-side remote



'FLO' = pressure switch failure, switch open
'FLC' = pressure switch failure, switch closed
'Prr' = temp sensor failure
'Prh' = hi-limit sensor failure
'HL' = sensor measuring 119+ degrees
'FrEE' = possible freeze condition detected
- flashing 3 dots on topside indicate a problem with the pressure switch or the hi-limit probe.
- flashing 3 dots and Board LED is lit indicates error is related to the Hi-Limit sensor or temperature probe.
- flashing display indicate the system detects temperature at 112 or higher.


Len Gordon Digital Topside

flashing display = damaged temperature sensor or malfunction in the heating circuit.
'00' = If the display indicates "00" when the "UP" or "DOWN" arrow button is depressed, this indicates unit may have been subjected to extremely long power outage, lighting strike or power surge causing loss of memory. To correct, with unit still plugged in remove reset plug from under side of unit and depress the switch for a minimum of 2 seconds with a non-metallic tool. Be sure to replace plug firmly.



'lLOC' = Interlock failure
'OH' = Sensors indicates water temp above acceptable limits
'FLO' = Pressure switch malfunction
'Hold' = Panel buttons pressed to many times to quickly
'HOT' = PCB temperature above acceptable limit - air blower on
'ICE' = Potential freeze condition has been detected
'PnL' = Communication between PCB and panel interrupted
'Sn1' = Hi-limit sensor malfunction
'Sn3' = Temp sensor malfunction


Tri-Delta LED Command Center (TECMARK)

flashing display = over 110 degrees
'OP' or 'OB' = open probe
'SP' or 'SB' = short

display shows all '8888's = (voltage spike)
unplug and plug back in



'HiLi' = Water temp over acceptable limit
'BJ2P' = Pump/Blower purge- Normal condition
'FP' = Freeze protect - temp under acceptable limit
'SS=0';'SS=S';'LS=O' or 'LS=S' equal multiple causes


Error codes are for quick reference only, 
please contact manufactures for additional information.


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