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 Steam Generators - Steam-Whirl

Steam Generators by Steam-Whirl








Maximum relaxation with Minimum hassle. An exhilarating hideaway of warm, swirling vapors that embrace the body and reward the senses… A luxurious escape that relieves tension from sore muscles while purifying and rejuvenating the skin for a healthier look and feel.. Imagine this oasis in your own bathroom! Steam-Whirl makes it all possible. The Steam-Whirl Steambath can be installed wherever there is an adequately enclosed area with accessible water and electrical connections. The Steam-Whirl Steambath unit is all enclosed and ready for quick installation. The generator may be installed within 40 feet of your enclosure. All that is visible is the control on the wall and the steam head in the shower. The steam head is molded to hold your favorite essential oils and aromatherapy which is released on contact with steam vapors. Use a popular mentholated rub to discharge soothing, vaporizing steam and breathe easier.
Steamers Are Special Order

Each standard model comes with:

1 Polished Chrome Steamhead & Escutcheon
1 Standard 60 Minute On/Off Digital Timer Assembly in White
1 Gasket and 2x4 Timer Overlay in White W/2 Screws
1 Tube Silicon and 1 20' Modular Telephone Cable
Limited 6 Year Warranty

H2O # Manf. # Description
7256106 SW-35

Steamer 3.5 KW 240 volts with timer

7256121 SW-50

Steamer 5 KW 240 volts with timer

7256136 SW-65

Steamer 6.5 KW 240 volts with timer

7256151 SW-75

Steamer 7.5 KW 240 volts with timer

7256166 SW-90

Steamer 9 KW 240 volts with timer



Max Cu.
Ft. Room
KW Amps Voltage Phase
SW-35S 60 3.5


240 1
SW-50S 80 5


240 1
SW-65S 140 6.5


240 1
SW-75S 220 7.5


240 1
SW-90S 300 9  38 240 1



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