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 Above Ground Pool Purifier - Nature 2

"A" Vessel and Cartridge (both sold separate)
3820118 - "A" Vessel less cartridge
3820402 - "A" purifier cartridge

"Express", mineral purifier retrofit

"CF" mineral purifier, cartridge filter unit

When you swim in a pool that has been purified by Nature2 you will enjoy water that feels softer and purer than you have ever experienced in any pool. Hair and skin will feel great compared to swimming in chemically overloaded water. Pool water purified by Nature2 actually exceeds EPA drinking water standards for bacteria.

Less chlorine, less chemical use, fewer chemical hassles
Safer for children
No red burning eyes, irritated skin or discolored hair
Less time necessary for pool maintenance
Nature2 will never create pool stains
Nature2 AG is affordable, attractively priced, easy to use and offers high customer value
Safe for the environment
A more refreshing, highly enjoyable swimming experience

H2O # Manf. # Description Qty
3820118 20040

Nature 2 "A" Vessel for above ground pools to
30,000 gallons, requires "A" cartridge 26765,
cartridge lasts  6 months

3820112 W20086

Nature 2 "Express", mineral purifier retrofit for above ground or in ground pools up to 25,000 gallons
 includes 6 month cartridge

3820390 W28175

6 month cartridge for "Express" purifier

3820402 W28165

6 month cartridge for "A" purifier


Nature 2 Logoby    Link to Zodiac Website


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