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 StarzTruck In Ground Pool Cleaner - AquaStar


Product Sheet
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The StarzTruck automatic pool cleaner works from the suction side of the pool filter system.

StarzTruck Kit includes:

9 connector hoses
1 leader hose (30 ft total)
Regulator valve
Skimmer cone
Safety vacuum lock wall fitting
Owner’s manual

AquaStar Pool Cleaner
H2O # Manf. # Description
5823124 SZT0101-H

White - StarzTruck gunite in ground pool cleaner, special order item complete, no additional pump required

5823125 SZT0202-H

Black - StarzTruck gunite in ground pool cleaner, complete,
no additional pump required

Vinyl / Fiberglass models and various colors are also available.



 Navigator In Ground Pool Cleaner - Hayward


Hayward Navigator In Ground Pool Cleaner, no additional pump required

 Navigator Tune Up Kit
9399232 - New Style tune up kit

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Link to Hayward's WebsiteThe Hayward Navigator sets the standard in high performance cleaning for in ground pools of all types and sizes. This hybrid version of the ever popular Pool Vac® automatic cleaner features many new product enhancements, more durable components, plus a 2 year warranty. Simple to install, the Navigator features SmartDrive™ programmed steering, which assures that virtually all pools will be cleaned in only 2-3 hours. Quiet and attractive, Navigator is the intelligent choice in automatic cleaners. Includes 40 feet of vacuum hose, skimmer adapter cone and installation DVD.

Additional features include:

Auto expandable throat for vacuuming larger debris.
Longer wearing components for additional product longevity.
Unique turbine/gearing system provides constant and balanced water flow.
Installs in less than 15 minutes, without tools.

Navigator Pool Cleaner Models
H2O # Manf. # Description
5823121 925ADC

925CS vac for gunite pools, complete, no additional pump required,

5823126 925ADV

925V vac for vinyl pools, complete, no additional pump required,
special order item

H2O # Manf. # Description
5823301 V094P

In-line flow regulator valve

5823306 V130LG

Replacement hose kit for in ground cleaners only, light gray,
includes 1 leader hose, 9 connector hose and skimmer adapter cone

5823307 V109LG

Navigator extra hose section, 4 foot, gray

5823316 W560

Leaf canister, use with any suction side cleaner, large basket traps
debris before it reaches the filter  system, see thru lid

5823321 411-6540

1-1/2" MIP x 1-1/2" smooth 90 degree elbow



 Replacement Parts for Hayward Navigator & AquaStar StarzTruck

 Navigator Tune Up Kit
9399232 - New Style tune up kit


9399148 - Universal Turbine & A-Frame Kit

9399196 - Pod Kit ( pod shoes not included )
Order Pod Shoes for either 
Vinyl - 9399124
Concrete - 9399184


Except where noted, the parts listed here are interchangeable between the Hayward Navigator 925 models and the AquarStar StazTruck. Parts listed here which are manufactured by AquaStar are manufactured under the name 'ProStar' which is a division of AquaStar.

 Tune Up Kits & Replacement Parts
H2O # Hayward # ProStar # Description
9399232 AXW350 --------

Tune Up Kit - for Hayward 905/925 Concrete Navigator, Pool Vac Plus or StarzTruck (concrete) ***

9399148 AXV621DAT HWN119

Universal Turbine & A-Frame Kit

9399196 AXV417WHP HWN11601

Pod Kit - ( pod shoes are not included )

9399124 AXV014FNP --------

Pod Shoe Kit - cork for vinyl & fiberglass - set of 4

9399184 AXV414P HWN115

Pod Shoe Kit - for concrete - set of 4 - newer style units
( also referred to as 905 Pod Shoe Kit Gunite )
Shoe measures 1-1/8" X 1" - ( MOST COMMON )

9399136 AXV014P --------

Pod Shoe Kit - for concrete - set of 4 - older Hayward unit
( also referred to as 705 Pod Shoe Kit Gunite )
Shoe measures 15/16" X 15/16"

9399195 AXV604WHP HWN11701

Wing Kit - one left and one right wing

9399198 AXV141 --------

Access Cover -Hayward 705/905 models ONLY
( not for Hayward 925 models or AquaStar StarzTruck )

9399179 AXV408P HWN134

Gear Box Assembly

9399149 AXV093CP HWN152

Skimmer Adapter Cone

All components are for white models
*** This tune up kits include: 2 wings, 2 flaps, 4 shoes for concrete, screwdriver, cleaning brush and maintenance guide





Wing Kit
Access Cover
Gear Box Assembly

Skimmer Adapter Cone


   View Hayward's Navigator Owner's Manual
   View AquaStar's StarzTruck Owner's Manual






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