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 Foam Inserts - Aqua Spa



Need new foam for inside of a spa cover? New foam inserts are special order and come in 2 foam densities,
1-1/2 lb. foam or 2 lb. foam. Contact our sales counter for further ordering instructions and pricing.

H2O # Manf. # Description

Foam Inserts, 1-1/2 lb

6419214 FOAM INSERT 2#

Foam Inserts, 2 lb



 Cover Locks And Straps

Cover Accessories


H2O # Manf. # Description

2" Adjustable Cover Strap - Fits spa up to 8 feet wide - Black
Lockable with Mounting Hardware

6419224 ACSSTRAP

Heavy Duty Tie Down Strap - 2 inches wide by 12 feet long
Stainless Steel Hardware allows the use of a padlock.

6419226 ACWSTRAP

Heavy Duty Tie Down Strap - 2 inches wide by 16 feet long
Quick Release Buckle with Mounting Kit - Black - Non-Lockable


Replacement Spa Cover Lock Assembly with key - Sold by the one each
Replaces the cover locks that fit our Aqua Spa spa covers or other spa covers which have 1 inch wide straps.


 Cover Lift Parts



H2O # Manf. # Description
6422235 CBBLOCK

Replacement Mounting Block for manual cover lifts , fits most brands

6422256 CV251

Replacement Hydraulic Shock for 7 foot Cover Valet

6422262 CV401

Replacement Hydraulic Shock for 8 foot Cover Valet

6422250 CV250

Replacement Locking Hydraulic Shock for 7 foot Cover Valet

6422259 CV400

Replacement Locking Hydraulic Shock for 8 foot Cover Valet

6422264 CVEE

Replacement Fork Arm Fingers Set ( one side ) for 250 and 400 Cover Valet models starting in 2013. These are now held in with a set screw instead of being screwed into the extension arm. If you are replacing the old Screw in type fingers you must purchase both fingers and a new Extension arm for these fingers to attach properly.  ( Call for details )



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