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 Neutralizes Chlorine / Bromine  - Spa

3620192 - 20 oz bottle
Neutralizes Chlorine / Bromine



Link to Applied Bio Website   Neutralizes Chlorine / Bromine - Applied Biochemists

Reduce or eliminate excessive chlorine or bromine levels with Thio-Trine.
100% sodium thiosulfate crystals neutralize residual chlorine or bromine in water.
H2O # Manf. # Description Qty
3620192 401115

20 oz bottle, Thio-trine Chlorine / Bromine Neutralizer

3620197 401125

25 lb. bucket, Thio-trine Chlorine / Bromine Neutralizer


Compatibility: Compatible with all sanitizers, bromine, chlorine and biguanide.

Dosage for spas or hot tubs:  Add 1/2 teaspoon with the circulation system operating.
Wait one hour before rechecking the chlorine or bromine residual.
If still too high, repeat the dosage until the residual is in the desired range.



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