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 Leak Detectors

Leak Finder, radiant color, 4 oz. zoom spout bottle
Leak Detector

Leak Detector


H2O # Manf. # Description
5068125 CLR-4

GAS Leak Detector, radiant color, 4 oz. zoom spout bottle,  liquid.
For gas and air systems, easy to see even the smallest bubble

5623626 R220006

WATER Leak Detector - Rainbow 151, Leak detector kit, attaches to pool pole, includes 3/4 oz red dye solution that follows leaks,
bubble packed with instructions



Contact & Circuit Board cleaner


Wasp & Hornet Killer



H2O # Manf. # Description
5068254 362-16

Contact & Circuit Board cleaner, 14oz spray can,
displaces moisture and cleans oil, grease and dirt from electronics

5068305 8-WH16

Wasp & Hornet Killer, 16oz spray can.
A must for every service man


 Hose & Cord Hugger - Bannon

Hose Hugger

  Cord Hugger

Handy carry and hanging handle for power cords and vac hoses.
Keep hoses and cords organized, easy to carry to the job site, hang when not in use.

H2O # Manf. # Description
5082100 HH101

Bannon 3 x 27" hose hugger 1-1/2" hose

5082090 CH300

Bannon 3 x 12" power cord hugger

5082110 PROSERIES50

Bannon 2 x 9" power cord hugger for 50 power cords



 Pocket Thermometers

Pocket thermometer 1" dial



H2O # Manf. # Description
5082134 H23-039

Pocket thermometer 1" dial, -40 to 160 degrees, stainless steel stem, watertight plastic magnifying dial cover, recalibration nut

5082135 H25-961

Digital thermometer with battery, -58 to 572 degree, data hold, fast response, auto power off (user selectable), fits in pocket

5082137 ---------------

Deluxe digital thermometer -40 to 302 F  or  -40 to 150C,
protective cover with clip.

5082138 6-HDT303K

Digital thermometer
 -40 to 300 F


Digital thermometer



 Line Cleaning Tool

Flush, prime or unclog piping, attaches to garden hose


H2O # Manf. # Description
5082148 961

Genie Jet, 1" to 2" pipe, use to unclog, flush and prime pool or spa systems, attaches to garden hose

5082155 962

Drain King, 1-1/2" to 3" Pipe, use to unclog, flush and prime pool or spa systems, attaches to garden hose


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