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 FiberWorks PG2000 Light Generator - Pentair


brilliant color lighting along with white foot path lighting

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The PG2000 is used to light up poolside landscaping with brilliant color lighting along with white foot path lighting. If desired, you can black out the foot path lighting feature. The PG2000 light generator can also be used to add accent lighting to pool, spa or pond water. The light generator has a 600 fiber capacity and a guaranteed 6000 hour bulb life with 7 color colorwheels. All units are auto control compatible.

When multiple Generators are used on the same job and synchronizing colors is imperative, use the FreedomSync generator. The FreedomSync model require no wiring between units and synchronize hassle-free with other PG2000's, SAms, SALs and IntelliBrites.

H2O # Manf. # Description
3230577 840242

PG2000 Generator, 8 position color wheel, electronic FreedomSync,
manual switch, auto control compatible

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 FiberWorks Complete Lens Assemblies - Pentair

Gunite invisible, 1" socket  


Vinyl pool lens fitting


Gunite standard, 1-1/2" socket


Fiberglass pool / spa, lens fitting


OptiFusion lenses provide the highest light transmission of any underwater lens available. FIBERworks™ exclusive invisible gunite lens assembly eliminates the conspicuous white flange and fits either 1 in. or 1-1/2 in. PVC conduit. The exclusive “lens before liner” vinyl lens assembly allows you to install cable and lens before you install the liner.

H2O # Manf. # Description
3230601 22000100

Gunite invisible, 1" socket or fits inside 1-1/2" pipe, includes wide angle lens

3230604 22000200

Gunite standard, 1-1/2" socket, includes wide angle lens ***

3230607 22000400

Vinyl pool, 1-1/2" FIP, includes wide angle lens

3230610 22000500

Fiberglass pool / spa, 1-1/2" FIP, includes wide angle lens

*** Special Order

While Supplies Last

Fiberworks lens assembly
All housings
shown include
this lens assembly


 FiberWorks Bulk Fiber Optic Cable - Pentair

fiber bulk cable

fiber cable showing lens


H2O # Manf. # Description
3230582 21002000

70-fiber bulk cable, 125 ft roll (orange)*

3230568 840101

100-fiber bulk cable, 250 ft roll (blue)*

3230560 21001100

170-fiber bulk cable, 250 ft roll (green)*

3230552 21001301

225-fiber bulk cable, 125 ft roll (purple)*

* requires complete lens assembly for gunite, invisible gunite, vinyl or fiberglass

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 FiberWorks Pool Perimeter Lighting Cable and Mounting Hardware - Pentair




H2O # Manf. # Description
3230590 21007900

50-fiber Perimeter Lighting Side Illuminating Cable,
Cut to length and sold by the foot.  Also available in bulk as a 1000 ft roll.

3230620 840071

Additional screw and anchor set, 40 quantity

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 FiberWorks Cable Termination Kit - Pentair



The OptiFusion™ fiber optic termination kit is a simple three step procedure. The kit includes a professional 80 watt FiberKnife to cut the optic cable, a tube of OptiFusion gel to ensure a positive connection between the optic and lens and a cable stripping tool. Also included is a fiber cutting shield, optic prep pads and a lens tool.

H2O # Manf. # Description
3230613 21005500

Complete termination and polishing kit  includes:
FiberKnife, OptiFusion gel, Amerglow cable stripping tool,
steel fiber cutting shield and lens tightening tool.

While Supplies Last


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