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 Aqua-Set Spa Side Panel - Len Gordon ( by Allied Innovations )



Aqua-Set Spa Side Controls features a precise solid-state thermostat and sensing bulb. This popular control has been used in a wide range of portable spa equipment where on and off switching of equipment is activated by the use of the air buttons built into the panel.  The peel and stick faceplate is included with each Aqua-Set.

Aqua-Set Spa Side Panels
H2O # Manf. # Description
3025505 930736-516

Aqua-Set 3 button, 120 volt with 6 foot cord, Faceplate Included.

3025513 930750-516

Aqua-Set 4 button, 120 volt with 10 foot cord, Faceplate Included.


Replacement Parts and Accessories
H2O # Manf. # Description
3025501 930243-401

3 button Replacement Faceplate

3025509 930244-401

4 button Replacement Faceplate

3025517 5-50-0120

25 ft Extension Cord

9583331 990126-516

Button Diaphragm Replacement Kit - set of 2


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