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 Digital Electronic LOW NOX Gas Heaters - Raypak


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Low NOx
Natural Gas Heaters

 Raypak Low Nox Pool Heater

Digital temperature control with a LCD for temperature selection and heater settings.

Data Sheet

Owner's Manual
Parts List

Raypak’s Digital not only looks smart, it works smart too! Digital temperature control with a LCD for temperature selection and heater settings. Two level Smart diagnostics, one for homeowner and another for service technician. On the easy to read control panels is a clever display of self-diagnostic LED lights that let the homeowner quickly and easily pinpoint minor problems. Behind the front panel is a more comprehensive array of service diagnostics to immediately direct technicians to the source of trouble.

The air fuel mixture is maintained by a gas valve/blower system that allows the heater to always burn clean and safe. Unitherm Plus flow system controls both water temperature and flow to eliminate condensation, sooting and scale build-up.

Residential heaters utilize Polymer headers and Commercial ASME models have Brass headers. Residential and ASME heaters come with a set of 2" slip fit CPVC water connections to make the installation secure and effortless.

Top included for outdoor installation.
Purchase stack top separately for indoor installations.

All heaters listed are 0 - 5,000 feet.

Digital Low NOx Natural Gas Heaters
H2O # Manf. # Description
2271001 009240   207,000 BTU, model P-R207AL, Low NOx, Natural, Electronic
2271002 009241    267,000 BTU, model P-R267AL, Low NOx, Natural, Electronic
2271003 009242    337,000 BTU, model P-R337AL, Low NOx, Natural, Electronic
2271004 009243    407,000 BTU, model P-R407AL, Low NOx, Natural, Electronic
2271005 017705    207,000 BTU, ASME, model B-R207A, Low NOx, Natural, Electronic
2271006 017706    267,000 BTU, ASME, model B-R267A, Low NOx, Natural, Electronic
2271007 017707    337,000 BTU, ASME, model B-R337A, Low NOx, Natural, Electronic
2271008 017708    407,000 BTU, ASME, model B-R407A, Low NOx, Natural, Electronic
* Note ASME heaters have the same specifications as the non-ASME heaters
but  use Brass Headers and have been certified ASME for commercial installations.

BTU Height* Width Depth
207,000 34" 20" 28"
267,000 34" 23" 28"
337,000 34" 26" 28"
407,000 34" 29" 28"
* height with low profile outdoor top, add stack height if stack kit is needed







 Stack / Vent Kits - Raypak



H2O # Manf. # Description
2270931 009838

207,000 BTU Indoor Stack Kit

2270934 009839

267,000 BTU Indoor Stack Kit

2270937 009840

337,000 BTU Indoor Stack Kit

2270940 009841

407,000 BTU Indoor Stack Kit

Model Style Height* Vent Diam.
207,000 BTU Indoor 23-5/8" 6"
267,000 BTU Indoor 24" 7"
337,000 BTU Indoor 25" 8"
407,000 BTU Indoor 26-1/2" 9"
* stack only, add heater height for total height






 Optional Power Vents - Raypak


Owner's Manual

Link to Raypak Website

Compatible for indoor or outdoor installation
For use with all Raypak Digital models.

The D-2 Power Vent assembly is tested and certified to the latest edition of the American National Standard ANSI Z21.56 for pool heaters.

Through the Wall Capable
The D-2 Power Vent assembly is a Category III mechanical draft venting system that operates with a positive vent static pressure and with a vent gas temperature that avoids excessive condensate production in the vent. All sizes are capable of relieving flue gases up to a maximum of 100 equivalent feet of vent length. All models have a 4” diameter exhaust connection.

Using the supplied adjustable 90° elbow, the flue gases may be discharged in any direction (see D-2 Power Vent manual for details). Or simply remove the elbow for vertical venting.

Dual Voltage Induced Draft Blower (120/240 VOLT)
Factory set for 240 volts. Can be rewired in the field for 120v operation.

Safety at Its Best
The D-2 Power Vent is equipped with a draft proving switch. This switch ensures that the blower is operating before operating your heater. It is also equipped with a solid state control that allows the blower to purge any residual gas buildup in the heater after the heater has shut down.


H2O # Manf. # Description
2270245 009832

D-2 Indoor Power Vent for 206,000 thru 267,000 BTU Models

2270252 009833

D-2 Indoor Power Vent for 336,000 thru 407,000 BTU Models



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