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 Power Venter - Tjernlund



Typical Applications


Used for Side wall venting residential/light commercial natural gas, LP or oil fired equipment including: Furnaces, boilers, water heaters and unit heaters. HS-Series feature a diaphragm Fan Proving Switch safety
interlock which will shut down heating equipment if a venting malfunction occurs. Adjustable damper also allows regulation for maximum combustion efficiency.

H2O # Manf. # Description
2295103 HS-J

Power Venter with 4" inlet and outlet, vents up to 125,000 BTU heater ***

2295107 HS-1

Power Venter with 4" inlet and outlet, vents up to 300,000 BTU heater ***

2295111 HS-2

Power Venter with 6" inlet and outlet, vents up to 600,000 BTU heater

*** Special Order Item

Power Venter is sized by heater BTU input, vent diameter, length of vent pipe and stack temperature.


 Sidewall Vent Hood - Tjernlund


Sidewall Vent Hood



Heavy duty, corrosion resistant aluminum construction. 4" includes additional heat shield for built in clearances from combustibles. Building exteriors are kept clean while the aesthetics of the structure remain undistributed. All mounting hardware is included.

H2O # Manf. # Description
2295115 VH-1-3

3" sidewall vent terminate kit

2295119 VH-1-4

4" sidewall vent terminate kit

2295123 VH-1-6

6" sidewall vent terminate kit ***

*** Special Order Item



 Millivolt Control Kit - Tjernlund


Millivolt Control Kit


Includes Gas Pressure Switch, Spillage Switches and all necessary hardware to interlock a Power Venter or Draft Inducer to an instantaneous water heater or Millivolt pool heater.

H2O # Manf. # Description
2295127 WHK-E

Millivolt water heater control kit, interlocks with Power Venter ***

*** Special Order Item



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