M-2/M-3 Control Reference Card
Don't Panic! No Programming is Necessary!
Instruction card for M-2 and M-3 systems equipped with Deluxe Digital control panels

Initial Start-up
When your spa is powered up, it begins running in an economy mode. This setting is designed for periods of little or no spa use,
but the spa continues to filter twice a day to maintain water quality.
Press the pad to switch the spa to standard mode which will automatically heat and maintain the water at 100 F or your
desired set temperature.


Control panel pads

      Temperature Adjustment (80F-104F)
Press either pad once, and the LCD will display the set
 temperature, as well as the words "SET HEAT." Each time either
 of these pads is pressed again, the set temperature will increase or decrease. After three seconds, the LCD will automatically display
 the current spa temperature.


The operating sequence for the pump is low speed, high speed,
then off. If left running, the low speed will automatically turn off
after 4 hours; the high speed will turn off after 30 minutes. The
low speed runs when the heater is turned on, when a filter cycle is activated, or when a freeze condition is detected. When the low
speed turns on automatically, it cannot be deactivated from the
panel; however, the high speed may be started.

Systems with a circulation pump: The pump has only one
speed. It will turn off if the water temperature is 2F above the set temperature. It turns on again at 1F below the set temperature.
The pump always comes on during a filter cycle.




This pad turns the blower on and off. If left on, the blower will
automatically turn off after 30 minutes.


Your spa light has three settings. Press the pad once for brightest intensity and a second time for medium intensity. Press the pad a
third time for the dimmest setting and a final time to turn the
spa light off. After 4 hours, the light will automatically turn off.

   Economy & Standard Modes

Press this pad to switch between modes. Standard mode
maintains the set temperature at all times.
Economy mode
heats the water only during filter cycles. See the Optional Filter
Cycle Programming section for more heater options.

   Aux (button for optional equipment)

Please refer to your spa manufacturer's literature.


Automatic Features

Preset Filter Cycle

four spa will automatically filter itself twice each day. The low
speed of the pump and the ozone generator (if installed) will run
the duration of each filter cycle.

Filter 1

The first filter cycle is automatically activated at 8:00 PM and
operates the low speed of the pump and the ozone generator
(if installed) until 10:00 PM. Again, if the heat enable feature is
on, the spa will heat to the set temperature in the economy mode.
The blower will run for 30 seconds to clean out the air channel.


Filter 2

The second filter cycle is automatically activated at 8:00 AM and operates the low speed of the pump and the ozone generator
(if installed) until 10:00 AM. If the heat enable feature is on, the
spa will heat to the set temperature in the economy mode.

Systems with a circulation pump: If your spa has a circulation
pump and an ozone generator, each will run 24 hours per day to constantly maintain the spa water. Also, once a day, the blower
will run for 30 seconds and the high speed of the pump will run
for 5 minutes.

System Programming

Setting the Time of Day

When the spa is first powered up, the words "SET TIME" will
flash on the display.
To set the time, press       then    or  .

After   or    is pressed once, the time will
begin changing in one-minute increments. Press either pad to
stop the time from changing.

Press    to enter your correct time into the system.


Optional Filter Cycle Programming

While you are not required to set filter cycles, if you want to
change them, press        within 3 seconds.
"SET START FILTER 1" will appear on the display.
Press    or    to reset the filter start time.
When "SET HEAT" is on the display, press (on)
to warm the water during filtering,
or press (off) to disable the heater.
Press to see "SET STOP FILTER 1" and adjust the time
with the     or    pads as done above.
Press to see "SET START FILTER 2"
and proceed as above.
Pressing    will enter the new filter cycle times into the system and display the current water temperature.

Locking the Panel

Press      (blower)   within 3 seconds. When locked, the display will show the temperature you have chosen, along with the lock symbol.
All pads are frozen except the   pad.

Unlocking the Panel

Press      (blower)   within 2 seconds. .
The lock symbol will disappear and all panel pads will work again.

Locking the Temperature

While setting your spa water temperature, after you have pressed
  or  , press      (blower)  
within 3 seconds to activate the lock. When locked, the center
display will show the spa temperature along with the lock symbol.

Unlocking the Temperature

Press    or  then      (blower)  
within 2 seconds.

Freeze Protection

If the high-limit sensor detects 40 F at the heater, then all
equipment is automatically activated to provide freeze protection.
This is a normal spa function; no corrective action is necessary.
The equipment stays on until the sensor detects 45 F at the
heater. Freeze protection is enabled regardless of the status of
the spa. In colder climates, an optional additional freeze sensor
may be added to protect against freeze conditions. See your
dealer for details.


Diagnostic Messages



Action Required


No message on display.
Power has been cut off to the spa.

The control panel will be disabled until power returns. Spa
settings will be preserved for 30 days with a battery backup.

"Overheat" - The spa has shut down. One of
the sensors has detected that the spa water is


DO NOT ENTER THE WATER.  Remove the spa cover
and allow water to cool.  At 107, the spa should automatically
reset.  If spa does not reset, shut off the power to the spa and call
your dealer or service organization.

"Flow" (Flashing) - Flow of water is inhibited.

Check and open flow valves. Check for correct water level.
Clean filter.

"Cool" - Water temperature is 20 F or more
below the temperature you last set.

No action is required. Spa is functioning properly.

"Ice" - Potential freeze condition is detected.

No action required. The pump will automatically activate
regardless of spa status.

"Sensor 1" - Spa is shut down. High-limit
sensor is not working.

Contact your dealer or service organization.

"Sensor 3" - Spa is shut down. Water
temperature sensor is not working.

Contact your dealer or service organization.


Warning! Shock Hazard! No User Serviceable Parts.
Do not attempt service of this control system. Contact your dealer or service organization for assistance.  Follow all owner's manual power connection instructions.  Installation must be
performed by a licensed electrician and all grounding connections must be properly installed .


P/NDCM2&3D 12/15/99

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