Lite Leader Control
Quick reference card

Initial Start-up
Your Lite Leader control has been specifically designed so that by simply
connecting the spa to its properly grounded source, the control will
automatically heat the water to the set temperature.

Temperature Adjustment (Range: 80F-104
Temperature adjustment is controlled by pushing the pad. The
display shows the actual water temperature unless the pad is pressed.
When the pad is pressed, the display will show the set temperature.
Pressing the pad a second time will cause the set temperature to
increase or decrease depending on what direction was last chosen. Each
press to follow will change the set temperature in the same direction.

If the opposite direction is desired, release the pad and let the display
revert to the actual water temperature. Press the pad to display the
set temperature, and again to make the temperature change in the
desired direction.

Light and Pump Control
Press the pad once to turn on the light. Press the pad again and the
pump's low speed, the ozone generator (if installed), and the light will
operate. Press the pad a third time and the pump's high speed and the
light will run. Press the pad again and only the pump's high speed will
be on. Press the pad a final time to turn off all functions. The light will
automatically turn off after 4 hours of operation. The pump's low speed and
the ozone generator (if installed) turn off after 2 hours. The pump's high speed
turns off after 15 minutes. When the heater is turned on, the pump and
the ozone generator (if installed) are automatically activated. If activated
in this way, neither can be turned off with the function pad; however,
the pump's high speed may be started.

Preset Filter Cycles
Your Lite Leader will automatically filter itself twice each day. The first
filter cycle will begin 1 minute after the Lite Leader is energized. The
second filter cycle will begin 12 hours after the start of the first filter
cycle. The filter cycle is set by the dealer for 2 or 5 hours. During
filtration, the pump's low speed and the ozone generator (if installed)
run continuously.

Diagnostic Messages

   Overheat Protection (Spa is deactivated)

DO NOT ENTER THE WATER. If the spa water has reached
112 F, remove the spa cover to cool the water. Overheating may
occur if the filter cycle is set too long. At 110F, the spa should
reset itself. If the high-limit sensor detects 118F at the heater,
the spa will shut down. When the heater cools to 110F, press
any button to reset the spa. If the spa will not reset, then shut
off power to the spa and call your dealer or service organization.


A pressure switch is not working. Call your dealer or service

 Flow (Spa is deactivated)

The high-limit sensor or water temperature sensor is not
working. Call your dealer or service organization.


Warning! Shock Hazard! No User Serviceable Parts.
Do not attempt service of this control system. Contact your dealer or service
organization for assistance. Follow all owner's manual power
connection instructions. Installation must be performed by a licensed
electrician and all grounding connections must be properly installed.


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